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Passed on 29 July. Aaron Marshall of Stevenage


Passed on 17 July. Cassie Esterson of Stevenage


Passed on 17 June. Kayleigh Gilson of Stevenage


Passed on 23 March. Esther Pennington of Stevenage


Passed on 27 February. Jodie Shudell of Stevenage

Passed 1st Time...

Passed on 5 August. Annabel Dunn of Knebworth

Passed 1st Time & only 2 minor faults!!!!...

Passed on 18 June. Connor Murrill of Stevenage


Passed on 23 Dec. Andrew Edwards of Welwyn


Passed on 21 Nov. Joe Moore of Stevenage


Passed on 14 Nov. Vimbai Mukori of Letchworth


Passed on 19th September. Rachael Shadbolt of Stevenage

A Faultless Drive....

Passed on 8th August. Mitch Saunders of Stevenage.

1st time PASS...

Passed on 21st December. Kyle Joy of Stevenage.

Passed 1st Time...

Passed on 17th May. Matt Pallett of Stevenage

Passed 1st Time...

Kyle Joy of Stevenage says:

"Allen was recommended to me by a friend. I had lessons from other instructors but they never seemed to teach me, just tell me. I passed first time with him & everything in my test I learned from Allen the Driving Instructor."

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Driving Lessons,Driving Instructors and Driving Schools in Stevenage, Letchworth, Welwyn Garden City & Welwyn.

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"I would recommend Allen a thousand times over".
Click Here To Zoom In On This Image "I decided to use Allen as my driving instructor after reading on his website. He seemed very genuine considering he has a whole page on "choosing the right instructor for you" it just proved to me that he wasn't just a driving instructor for the income. I was very nervous driving to start with but Allen eased me into it and made everything very easy to remember, whether that be rhyming words, acronyms or even naming the wing mirrors for me to make sure I checked my blind spots! Allen is very understanding, positive, funny, honest, patient and professional. I made many mistakes which lead to many many many uses of the word "sorry" (which I can now look back at and laugh about) but I can't fault Allen's approach and technique to help me improve - now look at me, I have a full pretty pink driving licence! Allen is always on time, he is always reliable and very flexible. If there was a certain day that Allen could not do, he would never say no - he offered alternative options to fit you in which I found brilliant. My lessons with Allen were always fun and informative, I could learn to drive and still enjoy the parts that I didn't like so much (roundabouts, tight little lanes... the list goes on). Whether I was learning something new or re-running over things that I needed some extra time on, Allen gave me lots of options, tips, tricks or ways to get around my weakest areas. I would recommend Allen a thousand times over and could not have asked for a better service or teacher. So thank you for all you have done for me I will forever be grateful, all best wishes and success for your future Allen".

Ether Pennington of Stevenage

Driving Lessons Stevenage

"I found his methods of teaching easy and well explained".
Click Here To Zoom In On This Image " I chose Allen the Driving Instructor because it was the BEST DEAL I could find. Also I had a mutual friend who was a current student and gave me more of an insight into what the driving instructor was like. I got your contact number off of your website after a Google Search for driving lessons in Stevenage. I found learning to drive a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. If I got into any difficulty (which was quite a lot) Allen was there to calm me down and help me get out of any situation. I found his methods of learning easy and well explained. Anything that I was unsure of, he always had an easy way of explaining it so there was no confusion. I would recommend Allen the Driving Instructor to a friend Extremely good value for money and Allen always put you at ease and made you feel comfortable. Also he is good at explaining what to do when driving and does not get frustrated easily if things go wrong. Thanks for helping me pass my practical driving test first time". :)

 Jodie Shudell of Stevenage

Driving Lessons Stevenage

"I would personally recommend Allen to anyone".
Click Here To Zoom In On This Image “I chose Allen the Driving Instructor as I preferred an independent driving school, as opposed to the bigger national companies. I needed a reasonably priced instructor and his rates suited my budget. I’m glad I picked him as his teaching methods were clear and easy to understand, and he is a very patient person. He gave me the confidence to drive which made me feel in control of the car, and driving came a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.

I would recommend Allen to my friends or anyone else wishing to learn to drive because of all the reasons stated above”.

Joe Moore – Stevenage.

"Unique way of teaching gave me a First Time Pass"
Click Here To Zoom In On This Image "I chose Allen the Driving Instructor on a recommendation from a friend. She had used Allen for her lessons, and passed her test with him.

I found learning to drive much more enjoyable than I expected it to be, which with Allen's help made me feel more relaxed. I felt at ease while I was learning which made it easier to understand.

His method of teaching is very good and by using his booklet illustrating how everything is carried out visually, then putting it into practice made it easy which I liked.

I would recommend him to anyone, as he makes you feel calm and relaxed when you are learning to drive.

He got me through my practical driving test, which I passed first time".

Matt Pallett, Stevenage.

"So much better than my previous instructor"
Click Here To Zoom In On This Image “I transferred from another driving school to Allen the Driving Instructor as I felt that I wasn’t learning much each lesson. All I seemed to be doing was driving around aimlessly for the time I had paid for, so I went with Allen. I was not sure how this would turn out as he is actually my dad, but to be fair he gave me the option of using him or someone else which I did. I couldn’t believe the difference; I thought all driving instructors would be the same. How wrong was I, the lessons were structured and each lesson had an objective so I had a goal to set my sights on every time I sat behind the wheel. I was nervous driving out on the roads before and even more so now because of the situation, but his methods of teaching surprised even me and inspired confidence from the first lesson on-wards. I picked things up a lot quicker than I expected and actually looked forward to each lesson. Not being biased at all, but I would recommend him to anyone. Especially if you are of a nervous disposition, as he has made me into a safe and confident driver”.

Rachael Shadbolt – Stevenage.

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